Friday, January 25, 2013

Difference between love and attraction

If something is disturbing you then it's not love but attraction. Because love never asks for compromise. When you love something you become its wellwisher. Love is without any reason, without any expectation, and without the feeling of possession. 

I know you are there

You are there to take care for me when nothing is working 
You are there to love me when everbody is against me 
I can see you cheering me when others are complaining
I can see you smile when everybody is crying 
You keep on right track and help me succeed
You are my best friend and eternal well wisher
I am fortunate to have you with me :) 

A prayer!

God please give me strength so that I can serve you ceaselessly
Give me fame so that I can spread your message
Give me money so that I can help the needy
Give me power of speech so that I can be the voice of the underprivileged
Give me intelligence so that I can solve problems of people around me
And give me patience so that I don't loose hope and make constant progress towards you